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Recruit Sustainment Program


Recruit Sustainment Program

Transitioning from a Citizen to a Soldier

The Recruit Sustainment Program, or RSP, introduces the new Soldier to a military environment with the intent to ease their transition from Citizen to Soldier.  Once a Soldier enlists into the Washington Army National Guard they are put onto active, paid drilling status with the RSP until their assigned ship date to Basic Combat Training (BCT). Washington State has a very high success rate for BCT graduates and regularly graduates Soldiers as Distinguished Honor Graduates; an honor bestowed upon the best Soldier of the training cycle. The success of Soldiers from the Washington Army National Guard is attributed to the RSP program.  During this transition, all clothing, food, lodging, and transportation will be provided by the Washington Army National Guard. The RSP incorporates academic, physical readiness, and common-task training with the goal of providing military skills and knowledge for successful completion of BCT.  While assigned to the RSP, Soldiers will participate in different phases of preparation for training:


Red phase is the first drill of a Soldiers military career.  This phase focuses on initial in-processing, uniform issue (at no cost to the Soldier), and basic administrative tasks.  During this phase, Soldiers will receive expert instruction on the Army Values, the chain of command, rank structure, saluting, military time, and more.  Red Phase Soldiers will also be introduced to the Army’s Physical Fitness Test which consists of a one mile run, one minute of sustained push-ups and one minute of sustained sit-ups. 


Soldiers who complete Red Phase will move to White Phase until the last drill before they ship to BCT.  Among the many topics covered are three major ones:  the training community, military history, and physical readiness.  This phase is designed to build on the skills obtained in Red Phase and further prepare the Soldier for specific tasks required at BCT including but not limited to: map reading, basic first aid, marching, and tactical movements.  Once these and other tasks are mastered, Soldiers will be given the opportunity to compete for advancement in rank through the “Stripes for Skills” program.  This advancement in rank allows the Soldier to have more responsibilities and more pay during BCT.


This phase is the final phase before the Soldier ships to BCT.  The main focus of this phase is to provide an overview of what to expect once the Soldier reaches Reception Battalion and BCT.  Once completed with Blue Phase, the Soldier is armed with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful at BCT.


This phase is for Soldiers who enlisted for the Split Training Option (STO) program and have completed BCT.  Green Phase Soldiers serve as leaders within the unit to mentor other Soldiers and better prepare those who have yet to attend BCT.  In addition, Green Phase Soldiers will receive additional training on physical readiness, leadership, and a BCT refresher in preparation for STO Phase 2 of Advanced Individual Training (AIT).


This phase is the first drill after successful completion of Initial Entry Training (IET) and is the Soldiers final weekend with the RSP.  In this phase Soldiers will learn what to expect at their unit of assignment, as well as what will be expected of them now they are fully trained and qualified.  The most important experience in Gold Phase is the Battle Handoff, where the new Soldier is introduced to a unit sponsor in a formal rite-of-passage ceremony.  Once the Battle Handoff is complete, the Soldier is now a member of an active drilling unit and is ready to start their career with the Washington Army National Guard!


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