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Advanced Individual Training (AIT)


Advanced Individual Training (AIT)

Discover A Career From A Range of Opportunities

Advanced Individual Training (AIT) consists of the remainder of the total Basic Training period, and is where recruits train in the specifics of their chosen field.

At one of many diverse AIT schools, you'll receive hands-on training and field instruction to make you an expert in that specific career field. You'll also gain the discipline and work ethic to help you no matter what path you take in life.  AIT takes place at different Army military training sites across the U.S., and your location will depend on the job you choose.

For example, if an individual has an MOS of Human Intelligence Collector, they would be sent, following completion of BCT, to the Intelligence School at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona. If an individual instead had the MOS of Army medic, they would be sent, after BCT, to the Army Medical Department School at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. AIT courses can last anywhere from 6 to 52 weeks.

The Guard offers skills training in a wide range of career fields that include aviation, administration, engineering, music, health care, transportation, journalism, and combat specialty occupations, to name a few.

Although many AIT schools don't center on combat the way BCT does, individuals are still continually tested for physical fitness, weapons proficiency and upon MOS, may be subject to the same duties, strict daily schedule, and disciplinary rules as in BCT.


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