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Interstate Transfers


Interstate Transfers

If you are a Soldier in the Army National Guard and plan on relocating to Washington.

It’s pretty simple really. In fact it’s one of the easiest things we do as recruiters. To smooth the process, make sure you have a current PHA and APFT and that you clear supply with your losing unit. Your Washington Army National Guard recruiter will help you find a new unit here in Washington.

All it takes is a completed NGB Form 22-5 amending your current DD Form 4.  Once the NGB 22-5 is signed you have 60 days to report to your new unit. Prior to relocation, please contact your current Army National Guard unit and begin the coordination of your transfer. Your unit will let you know what you will need to do in order to clear the unit and will subsequently contact the Interstate Transfer Coordinator (IST Coordinator) in your state to inform them of your pending move.

Your state's IST Coordinator will then contact the Washington Army National Guard IST Coordinator to obtain a valid position for you. A coordinated transfer between states can be accomplished prior to your relocation by completing an Interstate Transfer Agreement.

Occasionally, Soldiers relocate quickly without ample time to properly coordinate their transfer. When this occurs, Soldiers must contact their current unit of assignment immediately to request an excused absence from training in order to find another unit in the new State (up to 90 days). Please note that you will be required to attend all scheduled drill assemblies with your current unit if this excusal is not granted.

Your current unit will contact the state's IST Coordinator and provide them with the updated address and contact information so they can provide an IST Worksheet to the Washington Army National Guard IST Coordinator. Your transfer will be coordinated between the respective state IST Coordinators and the Soldier.

For more information, contact our IST Coordinator.

Contact Number:  Enlisted IST (253) 512 -7730; Officer IST (253) 512-1385

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start the transfer process?

A: The Soldier must first have the approval of their chain of command. Then he/she will need to make arrangements to return any issued supplies. Once the Soldier has been cleared to transfer, the Interstate Transfer Worksheet will be completed with the assistance of the Soldier’s Readiness NCO or Training NCO. When this is complete, the Readiness NCO or Training NCO will forward the IST Worksheet to the Washington Army National Guard IST Coordinator, who will in turn, send it to the Gaining State IST Coordinator.

Q: When can I conduct an Interstate Transfer?

A: Soldiers can transfer whenever there is not a Stop Loss in effect and have the approval of their chain of command.

Q: Why haven't I been paid since I transferred?

A: You have not completed your transfer and been properly loaded into SIPDERS.

Q: How do I complete the transfer and get loaded into SIPDERS?

A: You must be sworn into the gaining state using NGB Form 22-5-R-E. Once this form is signed by the proper personnel, the IST coordinator will send it to the losing state to request the Soldier's Personal Qualification Record (PQR). The IST coordinator will then send the 22-5-R-E and the PQR to SIDPERS for loading.

Q: Why have I not been contacted by the gaining state's IST coordinator?

A: Many IST coordinators have a very high volume of transfers. Soldiers must be proactive in the transfer process. Don't wait to be contacted by the IST coordinator; call or contact them with any means available.

Q: Will my bonus and/or stabilization carry over?

A: In most cases, bonus and stabilization contracts are honored in other states. Some bonuses are dependent on the Soldier’s MOS and finding an applicable unit. Research may be required. Stabilizations are usually honored as long as proper documentation is presented. Confirm this with the unit and the IST Coordinator.

Q: Can I transfer while in the RSP program?

A: It is the policy of the State of Washington to deny Soldiers that are not MOS qualified. All service members must complete basic and AIT in order to transfer. If a Soldier has not completed training, the State of Washington will allow them to courtesy drill with a local unit in the new state. Training certificates will be sent to their previous unit until the Soldier is ready to be courtesy shipped to complete training. Once in the AIT training pipeline, the IST process can be officially initiated.

Q: How long should the IST process take?

A: The Interstate Transfer process can take between 14 and 90 days, depending on the initiative of the Soldier.

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Interstate Transfers

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