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Washington National Guard Event Requests

The Washington National Guard is a proud member of communities throughout Washington in which our Soldiers serve. Through an active community relations program, the Washington National Guard demonstrates it is a good neighbor and community partner by providing support in three basic areas: Non-Equipment, Military Equipment, and Speaker Requests.

Note that most support requests require a minimum of 90 days prior to the event (unless stated specifically) to be reviewed, validated and considered for support. Requests received fewer than 90 days are unlikely to receive support.

The Washington National Guard will make every effort to provide support for all events, but event organizers should be aware that support may not be available for military mission requirements may prevent the Washington National Guard from supporting specific events and that there are a number of state and federal restrictions on how the Washington National Guard can support organizations and events.

Types of Community Requests

Non-Equipment Requests

For Washington National Guard Forces, 122nd Army Band, Troops and Formations, Color/Honor Guards and/or Exhibit participation for your public event.

Military Equipment Requests

Military equipment and helicopter static displays for your event.

Speaker Requests

Request a speaker from the Washington National Guard for your schools, service club or civic event. Organizations must not limit attendance and/or membership in the organization on the grounds of race, religion, creed, color or ethnic background.

Please email the Event Request Form to

The Washington National Guard Public Affairs Office receives, reviews, and validates all support requests for their legal propriety.  Please direct support questions to the State Public Affairs Office by email at or call (253) 512-8401.